Mama Tama: A Window in Time Louise Garvey

Diaries 3

I am the spirit of Mama Tama,

Taken out of Africa,

Planted in many lands.


Shaping lives 

And engaging with the needs 

Of the community.


Sowing seeds of tolerance,



And a will to succeed


As my life blood marches on 

Through migration, 

New generations, 

Changes in way of life 

And new ways of thinking.


Feel the beating heart of St Ann’s
And its richness in a diverse community.

Feel the pain of a broken community,

Hear the voices of our children,

See the needs of our young people,

Open your hearts and arms to the Elders,


See the needs

And give of yourselves.


I am the spirit of Mama Tama.
I have survived many turbulent times,

Serving many- many masters


But I survived.


I am a strong and proud young woman.

I’ve had many children and left footprints
For posterity through my children

And all the generations to come.

My spirit cries out for tolerance,

Love, laughter, sharing 

And passing on the values 

Of honouring the Ancestors
And the legacy they left behind.

Of rich customs,

Memories, stories,

Myths, rituals,

Language, spirituality,
Arts and crafts

And the rights to honor and value humanity

Every generation has a window in time.


The blood of our Ancestors 

Continues to flow through each new birth 

In the ever moving migration of people,
Joining of nations 

And the legacy we leave behind.


The life blood of the Ancestors 

Flows richly in this place, Great Britain,
Through the generations of people of all nations,

Bound together in improving each other’s lives


With dignity, togetherness, 

Determination, sharing, caring

And the will to succeed.


The wind of change moves on in Great Britain.

A people of faith, hope, 

Sowing and harvesting.

I am the spirit of Mama Tama
With outstretched hands in this,
Our window in time.



Heed the words and gift 

Of legacy eternal,
Bringing communities together.