The Habibi Project Chapter I


The concert represented the beginning of the Habibi Project. Habibi is a term of endearment, literally meaning my beloved. Entitled Chapter I the event seeks to celebrate the vast diversity of the UK and raise public engagement with the migration crisis. The mass displacement of people is an issue which needs further public involvement in lobbying governments and advocating for the voiceless. The profits from the event went to two organisations actively trying to mitigate the effects of the crisis both at home and abroad, Help Refugees UK and Bristol Refugee Rights. To this end £2000 was raised.

Global Artists

From Syria, the critically acclaimed Maya Youssef brought her mesmerizing kanun to the Union Chapel. The phenomenal Nepalese folk band Namlo combined a variety of musical influences alongside the traditionally placid sounds of their heritage to create a truly unique musical concoction. While the Ghanaian Sabbey drummers provide a joyous excavation into the vibrancy of West African culture. The UK contributed the outstanding musical talents of pianist Karim Kamar, the amazing soul collective Trilogy and the inspirational social and politically conscious spoken word poet Emmanuel Speaks.