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The Story HxP

Founded in 2017, The Habibi Project was born as an awareness-raising brand, embodying engagement with humanitarian, environmental and socioeconomic issues. Designed in London with the use of environmentally sourced garments, The Habibi Project prides itself on creative collaborations in order to generate knowledge of today’s greatest social challenges. Our vision of combining artistic narratives with a humanitarian and environmental core is tailored towards a 21st century generation who are concerned with social change. Operating as a not-for-profit social enterprise The Habibi Project is committed to supporting organisations working on the ground to alleviate the social obstacles we face globally today.


Eleftheria Ktenas, the Chief Operating Officer of The Habibi Project is a current Masters Student at Nottingham University in Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights, having completed a bachelor degree in the History of Art and French at Bristol University. She has vast experience working with NGO’s including the Mojatu Foundation, whilst also spending time volunteering for organisations such as Help Refugees UK in Calais and completing the Atlantic Pacific Search and Rescue programme. Trilingual with a native proficiency in English, French and Greek, Ms Ktenas is also currently developing her Arabic language skills. Competent, assured and meticulous with her work, Ms Ktenas has overseen the growth of the Habibi Project since its conception in 2017.